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Let's Work!


Interested in our services? Book a consultation.


At Truth Written Nonprofit Solutions, we work with each client to explore the potential of your nonprofit idea and plans through an interactive consultation. Before we launch into the formalities, we plan together a detailed plan, including the next steps required to start successfully.

Our Services


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for business


We will chat with you for 15 minutes to better understand your needs and if we can work together. 

Entity Formation

We assist clients in incorporating for-profit and non-profit businesses with the Secretary of State, simplifying the complex process.

501c3 Application 

We file the 1023-EZ or 1023 form to the IRS to approve the 501(c)(3) status to get an exemption from federal income taxes.

Program Development 

We can assist in creating or refining your nonprofit programs and services to meet the objectives of your organization.

Grant Readiness & Research

We help find suitable grants and assess eligibility for nonprofits.

Strategic Planning Services

We are assist nonprofits in creating effective strategic plans and defining their mission, vision and goals.

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for development

Here are the benefits of working together

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I can offer an unbiased external perspective to identify operational inefficiencies and recommend improvements.


I can offer my consulting expertise to help you with strategic planning, ensuring that your organization can sustain itself for the long-term.



I  can aid in leadership development by identifying potential talents and nurturing their skills.

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I've got the ingredients your nonprofit needs to
take your influence to the next level

Let me help you overcome stagnation so you can run your nonprofit like your expert!

Are you tired of waiting? The time to launch and grow is now. The people that need your services are waiting on you to show up and deliver your God-given gifts and talents. 


Being overwhelmed and stressed out about launching and growing your nonprofit

Sitting on the idea that will bring change to your community and generations to come

Refusing to solve the problem you know you're purposed to solve now

Worrying about people stealing your ideas and using them as their own

let's connect

No more procrastination. If God has called you to it, He will be faithful to bring you through successfully. He places people strategically in our lives to help us evolve into who He created us to be. I've been where you are and am ready to help you launch and grow!

It's time to launch and grow

The state of Texas approved our nonprofit in less than one month and the 501c3 with the IRS in less than two months of submission to the IRS. Shurrun's House highly recommends Truth Written. Speedy approvals!

Shavon Patterson

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