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Let's Work!

Launch & Grow Your Nonprofit!

People are waiting for you to show up in your community. 


Take your nonprofit idea to the next level.

I help Christian faith-based leaders launch and grow their nonprofits successfully through nonprofit formation, grant writing and program development, and trademark registration. Let me help you establish your nonprofit the right way!


Share your pain points with your audience.

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You want to learn the blueprint of launching and growing your nonprofit. 


You want to make an impact in your community and be able to measure your success.


You want to solve a problem and need the financial resources to do it. 


You desire to avoid common mistakes and pitfalls.

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Here are the benefits of us working together

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This a great option to start your nonprofit and decide if this is the right path for you. This package includes your articles of incorporation and a name check. 



The best option is if you know you're in this long term but are still deciding whether to apply for the 501c3 status. This package includes your articles of incorporation, a name check, employer identification, bylaws, and a conflict of interest policy.



This complete package includes everything to launch your nonprofit, from the articles of incorporation, name check, employer identification, bylaws, and conflict of interest policy and 501c3 application. 

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01. Nonprofit Formation 

Forming a nonprofit is complex. We help our clients incorporate their nonprofit with the Secretary of State while educating them about the process. 

02. 501c3 Application


We file the 1023-EZ form to the IRS to approve the 501(c)(3) status to get an exemption from federal income taxes. 

02. Grant Writing


We will write a persuasive and well-detailed grant proposal application that you can use as a standard outline for future grants. 

"Calandra with Truth Written Nonprofit Solutions has been thorough, patient, and informative. I couldn't have fully committed to doing this without her."

Rere Lewis 

let's connect

No more procrastination. If God has called you to it, He will be faithful to bring you through successfully. He places people strategically in our lives to help us evolve into who He created us to be. I've been where you are and am ready to help you launch and grow!

It's time to launch and grow 

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Let's Get Started!

Accepting New Clients 

1-Time Payment



+State & IRS Fees

✓ 15 minute Consultation 


✓ Articles of Incorporation 

✓Name Check 


✓ Employer Identification Number  (EIN)


✓Bylaws & Conflict of Interest Policy  


✓ 501c3 Application (1023-EZ)

2 Payments



+State & IRS Fees

✓ 15 Minute Consultation 


✓ Articles of Incorporation 

✓ Name Check 


✓ Employer Identification Number (EIN)


✓ Bylaws & Conflict of Interest Policy 


✓ 501c3 Application (1023-EZ)

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