• Calandra M. Williams

Ways to Promote Your Nonprofit Events

One of the ways I learned to successfully promote my events was by using Eventbrite.com. It’s a great tool to promote your events for free and reach more people. Many people search Eventbrite for events that match their passions.

I recently attended a women’s conference where a young lady attended the event because she saw it on Eventbrite. She attended the women’s conference and I believe her life was changed forever. As I sat across the room, I made a mental note to use Eventbrite for my next event. <<Click Here to Register for my Event>> I created my event on Eventbrite and within less than a week my event was sold out.

The tickets were FREE but the impact that happened in that moment was powerful. I reached about 2.8K people and 25 people registered for the event.

I’ve since then opened up more spots after speaking with the venue owner. The space can hold about 40 people comfortably. I love when I can see real results from taking a risk on an experience.

The other thing I love about Eventbrite is if you have created a page on Facebook. You can share the event directly to Facebook and share with your followers. You can also promote the event through an ad.

You can manage the event by emailing invitations, social stream, and even website integrations. This is a really great tool to use and bring brand awareness to your nonprofit or even for profit organization.

2 Ways to Use Eventbrite

Discover Events

It’s a great tool to use to discover events in your local city. There are lots of free events too. Great for networking opportunities.

Post Your Event

This best one is you can post your event for FREE. More exposure and more impact of reaching people in the community.

I want to hear from you. Do you currently use Eventbrite? If so, how do you like it? If not, do you plan on using it in the future after reading this article?


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