• Calandra M. Williams

The New Heroes: Entrepreneurs

Before I begin let me define #entrepreneurship.


the activity of setting up a business or businesses, taking on financial risks in the hope of profit.

What the definition of a #hero? a person who is admired or idealized for courage, outstanding achievements, or noble qualities.

Entrepreneurs are heroes. How so, you may ask? We are faced with challenges just like most super heroes. Those challenges must be overcome in order for us to win.

We have to be to leave our comfort zones to pursue purpose. Take me for an example, I left a comfortable 9 to 5 corporate job to work for myself and now I am depending on my husband to carry the financial load of our household. Also, because I am a Christian, my trust is in God to see me through this transitional season.

Learning how to rise above my own limited thoughts and expectations has been a major challenge for me but each day it becomes much more manageable.

Do you see why we are the new heroes? It takes #faith to take a leap and risk not knowing what the future holds but just knowing who holds your future.

Everyday we arise we have to be committed to accomplishing our goals and for the believer in Christ - making sure your goals are in alignment with the Lord's.

God graced you with the entrepreneurial spirit because there was a problem that needed to be solved.

ADVICE. Seek mentorship as you embark on your entrepreneurial journey to ensure you are held accountable for your decisions and actions.

You are truly heroes because if you look around there are many other people doing the same or similar thing as you but God has called YOU to grace the market place with your unique gifts and talents. It doesn't matter how many competitors are out there - the customers that God has for you, is for you.

What about the times when you have no idea WHAT'S NEXT? You literally don't know when the next client will book. How you will pay the bills? How you will put gas in the car? The struggle can be real. There are so many crisis situations that entrepreneurs face daily. One wrong decision could jeopardize everything you've worked hard for. This is why I highly recommend #mentorship.

There is nothing easy about being an entrepreneur especially a Kingdom Entrepreneur. You have to constantly seek God for the spirit of creativity, you have to walk by faith and not by sight, you must be courageous, make wise decisions and a whole lot of prayer.

Entrepreneurs are the New Heroes.


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