• Calandra M. Williams

Starting a Nonprofit

You have the power to make a difference in the community in which you live and impact lives for generations to come. The # 1 reason people start nonprofits is because they have a desire to make a difference in the world. Most people have been privately funding their passion while trying to see how to make a bigger impact.

Nonprofits are started by caring individuals that have a heart to serve and provide a service that is necessary. These individuals have been given a vision and have the power to implement the change they want to see. They also understand that the vision is bigger than them. They are willing and capable of executing the plan they have been given.

Nonprofits have the influence to connect with other for profit and nonprofit organizations in the community. Also connecting with influential individuals can help bring awareness to your cause. You need the support of others for your vision to come into fruition and be successful. Most nonprofits only last about five years due to lack of support and resources. You can’t do this alone and be successful. #brandawareness

Starting a nonprofit can be overwhelming and frustrating. The startup process use to seem impossible especially with the cost of the startup process. You will be elated to know that the IRS has lowered the price and simplified the process over the years.

Another benefit are people that are determined to find their purpose usually start out by volunteering with organizations in their communities. There is help out there but you have to bold enough to ask for it.

Also social media platforms such as Facebook, IG and Twitter help to spread brand awareness quickly across the world. Hashtags works great when posting. Never stop posting your mission and cause on social media.

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