• Calandra M. Williams

Create Your Nonprofit Corporate Binder

Are you ready to organize the nonprofit? We recommend you purchase a binder to keep physical copies of your corporate records and proceedings readily available.

Creating a corporate binder for the nonprofit is important for maintaining IRS compliance.

Did you know you must keep proper records, or you could lose your corporate or tax-exempt status?

What’s in the binder?

  • the Articles of Incorporation

  • the Bylaws

  • minutes of your organizational meeting (or first directors meeting)

  • a list of the names and addresses of your directors*

  • for a membership organization, a membership roster listing the names and addresses of your current members*

  • minutes of all annual and special meetings of directors and members (if any), and

  • written consents to any actions taken by the board or members.

  • 501c3 Approval Letter*

  • Business Licenses*

  • Permits*

* Some documents you may not have due to the organizational structure of the nonprofit such as the list of directors or members.

That’s all you must do to create a nonprofit binder.


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