• Calandra M. Williams

Best Practice: Who’s on board your bus to success?

"Get the right people on the bus, the wrong people off the bus, and the right people in the right seats". Jim Collins, Good to Great

Have you ever rode a city bus? All these people get on the bus at different points but not everybody is headed in the same direction. Some get off sooner than later but eventually you have to get off the bus. Right?! I want you to take some time and identify “Who’s on board your bus to success?” This doesn’t have to just be used in the nonprofit arena, you can use this in business, friendships, your career, etc.

As the Founding Director, of a 501c3 nonprofit organization I’ve learned this best practice the hard way and had to revamp my entire organization. I’m sharing this with you before you have to walk down an unnecessary road.

1. You need people on your team that have a real passion for you nonprofit and its mission. The love for what you do must already be in their heart. Otherwise, they will taint he vision and you’ll lose focus in the process. The people connected to you must catch your God-given vision.

2. You need people who fill “strength gaps” They bridge the gap were you are weak in certain areas they are strong. They see blind spots that you can’ see and their honest in telling you the truth. Gap fillers don’t want to see you fail, they want to see you win.

3. You need people to see this as an opportunity to make a kingdom impact instead of a job. If their only doing for fame or fortunate it won’t last. Only what we do for Christ will last. I hate to get all preachy but it’s the truth. Whatever we do we must do it with building the kingdom as our main goal.

Get the right people on your team so you can go further and faster.

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