• Calandra M. Williams

7 Things to Consider Before Starting a Homeless Ministry

Updated: Mar 25, 2019

My husband and I launched Game Changers Outreach in the summer of 2017. We were driving through downtown Dallas on a Sunday afternoon when we noticed so many people outside sleeping or walking around. It greatly touched my husband’s heart and he immediately sprang into action with desiring to start a ministry to feed the homeless. We are meeting practical and spiritual needs every month because of my husband obedience to accept the call that God placed on his life.

The beauty in being married is when God calls your spouse, the other spouse most believe in the vision that God has given them. As his wife, I support through prayer, preparation, planning and executing every event with excellence for kingdom building. As my husband works countless hours, I understand that this is his calling and it will be fulfilled. We believe in being obedient to the call and never doubting God’s voice.

Deciding to start this ministry was no easy task. What helped us is we had served as ministry leaders in various roles within the church. We didn’t have all the answers. We figured it out each month and have worked to make it a seamless process.

I assure you that it’s not difficult to start a homeless ministry. Here are a few things you can do before launching a Homeless Ministry:

1. Determine the location. This is very important that the location isn’t already being serviced and if so, make sure it’s not a conflict with another ministry/organization. Also, if there is another ministry/organization already serving the area consider partnering with them to make a greater impact in the community.

2. Know your audience. On the outside you see a need to serve homeless people. There are different dynamics to consider such as mental illness, drug addictions, physical illness, weapons, gang activity.

3. Select the day of the week and time. Consistency builds relationships with the people you serve and momentum for your volunteers. Choose a day and time that will work for the majority of your team and make sure you meet no matter what challenges arise. People are counting on you to show up and meet the need.

4. Market your ministry. People need to know who you are and what you do. Create marketing material and share on all social media platforms and by word of mouth. Share photos after each event. This is not bragging, this is bring awareness to a cause that you’re passionate about.

5. Recruit volunteers. Ministry isn’t meant to be done alone. You will need help to reach the people you assigned to serve. Volunteers are a necessity to your success and you also help cultivate the gifts that God has placed on the inside of them.

6. Collect Donations. Decide which items you want to go inside the care packages (food/toiletries).

7. Serve with a smile. Rain, sleet or snow people will still be homeless. You must go fulfill the assignment, even if you don’t receive support from others. Eventually, God will send the right people to help come along side you and serve within the ministry.

I hope this helps to catapult you forward into starting your homeless ministry. For more information please email contact@truthwritten.com I look forward to hearing from you!



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