• Calandra M. Williams

4 Career Day Tips

Recently, I had the opportunity to participate at career day at my son’s elementary school. I was invited to do this last year and I missed it somehow. I was sort of happy I missed it because I had no idea what I would share about my career because the job I was working at wasn’t my passion.

This year, the opportunity was presented again, and I accepted the challenge to share my career path as an entrepreneur. Everyone knows I rep being a #kingdomentrepreneur but since I was stepping into the public-school system, I shared with the kiddos I was a #millenialentrepreneur.

I know talking with children is much different than talking with adults, so I didn’t want to just talk about my job because that can be BORING!

I decided to talk about my hobbies, family, how to be a kid entrepreneur and then share my line of work. After taking great advice from my close friends, I made the presentation interactive for 3rd graders to stay awake and engaged in what I had to say.

1. Be Creative

I had to be creative with my presentation based on their grade level. I wanted the kiddos to connect with me on a personal level and by doing this I know they would be interested in learning about entrepreneurship. I also used simple words, so they could understand what I was conveying to them in the presentation. For example, I shared fun facts about myself. I also, allowed them to share fun facts about themselves with me too.

2. Be Stylish

This generation of kiddos loves electronics. So, you must keep their attention on you or you lose them. I created a PowerPoint presentation with lots of color, pictures, sound effects and even a video for them to watch it. I can toot my own horn and say it worked! They were engaged the entire time.

3. Be Free

Kids love free stuff. How can you charge a kid? Their parents maybe but not them. So, bring some cool give ways that make them excited that you came to their class to share. I gave away chocolate wrapped as a coin. They loved it! You can give away t-shirts, logo key chains, product samples, candy, etc.

4. Be Open

Let the kiddos load you with their curious questions about your profession. Their questions were fillers to my presentation and helped pass the time along and I was able to finish my presentation in 15 minutes.


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