• Calandra M. Williams

20 Questions to Ask Yourself Before Starting a Nonprofit

The kind of questions you ask yourself about starting a nonprofit may determine your success and if this is the right route for you. The questions you ask should trigger answers. If there is no answer you may want to halt the process until you can answer it. You want to start a nonprofit that yields the results that you have in mind.

I believe that questions are the key to professional and personal success. You have the opportunity to consult yourself before launching this entity.

Here are some questions to an ask yourself:

  1. Do you have a viable idea?

  2. Are you offering a unique service to the community?

  3. Are there opportunities for collaboration?

  4. Do you have a realistic budget plan?

  5. Do you have access to funding sources?

  6. What is your mission/purpose?

  7. What activities/programs will you offer?

  8. Are the activities/programs related to the mission/purpose?

  9. Will the nonprofit serve the public?

  10. Have you considered your geographical location and influence?

  11. Who are your competitors?

  12. Have you considered the risk of starting a nonprofit?

  13. Have you considered volunteering at an established nonprofit before starting your own?

  14. Do you know that you can't own a nonprofit?

  15. Do you know the responsibilities of the board of directors?

  16. Do you plan on hiring employees?

  17. Did you know that a nonprofit is not automatically tax exempt?

  18. Who is the target audience?

  19. How will I market the nonprofit?

  20. What resources do I already have?

This may seem like a lot of questions. I recommend you seek the answers from a professional consultant or an attorney before starting a nonprofit. Feel free to contact our offices today, we would like to assist in answering your questions during a consultation before you start.


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