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Professional Grant Program Development for 

today's nonprofit leader

Truth Written helps nonprofit leaders identify if their programs and projects are good problems that are fundable. We understand every leader desires to make a social impact, but often the knowledge to develop sustainable programs is lacking. The competition for grants is intense and before you apply you want to ensure your organization is grant ready. 

Our specialty is with new or startup nonprofits. We partner with you in a 4-week intense 1:1 coaching to develop an actual grant proposal. We will explore your board members, budget, mission, partnerships and competitors. 

Work With Us

We are here to help you increase your confidence in your new or startup nonprofit organization. The first thing that comes to mind when starting a nonprofit is to secure grant funding. However, your programs and projects must be structured as fundable. 

During a four-week training we will write an actual grant proposal for your nonprofit organization. As a participant, we will partner together to write the proposal while educating and empowering you during the process. 

Developing Social Impact

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